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It aint easy being an Italian Chick! PEOPLE HAVE SO MANY EXPECTATIONS OF YOU….


People really don’t understand the complexity of what it all really means.


Now if you were an Italian Dude it was way easy for you.. But da Chicks in da family. Ooohhhh  Fahhhhhhhhhhhh..


It meant:

·    Never having Boys as friends until you were old enough to date? And even then it was drama.

·    Leaving the house without makeup on and then putting it on at your friend’s house.

·    Always having to meet some Italian guy that just got to the states and you got the “look over” to see if there might be a match. Ewwwwwww

·    That on a Sunday you always had to be home for dinner.

·    Smiling at your long lost Aunt that did not speak a word of English as she gushed all ova you.

·    Getting pissed that your Brother could do what ever he wanted.

·    You never really lied you just maneuvered your conversation.

·    You ratted your Sister’s out so that the heat was off of you.

·    Two sets of clothes, one to leave the house and the other in a bag so you could get dressed at your friends. You had to do that so not to hear your Dad say. “Aye, ma where u thinka you go wit dat on? Ahhhhhhhhhh!

·    Denying any thing you were accused of – hey we don’t fold unda questioning.

·    When you were a kid your big night out was the Feast.

·    Looking at your hot cousin and sayin, I could do him! Then making the sign of the cross.

·    You were the tough gurl in Catholic school.

·    Never asking what Uncle Jack did for a living.

·    Going in the confession box and giving a dissertation and you would always end it with and Oh yea Father, I lied too.. This way when you lied about your sins you were covered in the end.

·    Eating way too much and then asking for Brioschi just so you could make room for more.

·    Brioschi was like the Italian version of pop rocks. I would just take the bottle and drop pieces on my tongue and watch it explode.


Then something happened, something odd and strange? You saw photo’s of where your family came from and finally met your Grand Mother from Italy. Then the switch-hit.




·      This sense of pride and wonder of a country you never saw.

·      This desire to explore the culture.

·      Hearing your first Opera.

·      Learning to speak the language.

·      You finally understood why Rome wasn’t built in a day.

·      Receiving packages from Italy with the most amazing cheese and tuna and CANDY.

·      Roots

·      Values

·      Understanding why you had all this passion.

·      Not getting pissed when you Dad played Italian music on Sunday. And really loving a folk singer named Carlo Butti.

·      You were different.

·      Tradition and family.

·      Drama.

·      Love.

·      That we are all not Gangsters.

·      We understand that not all depictions of the Italian culture are not all negative, except for The Jersey Shore J

·      When you watch the Godfather, Goodfella’s or any other movie, Get a sense of humor and don’t take it so damn personal.

·      Give up – you will never make meatballs like your Mom.


And finally – I WILL CONFESS and say, even though you have respect for you culture and heritage you will still find yourself saying, “ NOW GO HOME AND GET YOUR SHINE BOX!”