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News Throughout Bergen County, NJ

Assemblymen Rumana and Russo criticize Corzine silence on MTA toll policy

New Jersey State Assemblymen Scott Rumana and David Russo
BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. - Objecting to what they call "a discriminatory toll policy by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority", Assemblymen Scott T. Rumana and David Russo have called on Governor Jon Corzine to explain why, in their eyes, he "didn't do anything to stop [the MTA] from gouging New Jersey drivers."
"You would think that he would at least voice an objection to another state's policy that unfairly attacks New Jerseyans," said Rumana, a member of the State Assembly Transportation committee. "New York, which should consider itself a regional neighbor, has taken a hostile approach to New Jersey residents who work, dine and recreate in New York."

In a written statement, Rumana and Russo state that since July, the MTA limited an E-ZPass discount to only those account holders who enrolled in New York, effectively discriminating against New Jersey E-ZPass users. This policy reportedly coincided with a 10 percent toll hike. Several Republican Assembly members wrote to the authority in July urging its board to reconsider the policy.

Russo argued that the governor "should demand that New York end this discriminatory policy, apologize for its treatment of New Jersey and act more like a neighbor than a hostile enemy."